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“ No matter how far the distances are; You are as close to your colleagues and target audience as your computer screen and mobile devices…”

You don't need a meeting room to get together, talk, share files, and present. 

With Serenas Live, we bring you together in a virtual meeting room in just a few minutes, and enable you to hold your meetings freely with many digital features you can choose, whenever you want.

Fast, Seamless, Measurable and Digital Events Exclusive for You  

With Serenas Live events, we bring your congresses, symposiums and events of all sizes to the digital platform with our advanced webinar and webcast infrastructure; With all its components, we ensure the highest quality, smooth management of a virtual organization and its uninterrupted meeting with the participants.

We create interactive, user-friendly, multi-platform-supported digital event options where the speakers can make their presentations from the event studio to be specially prepared for your project or from the environment they are in.

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